Tweet in the Park

In the quest of being cool, I’ve always wanted to make a web app. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got the mental age of an eight year old but the term web app sounds quite intriguing.

Three weeks ago, I took myself out of my client work and set aside the Monday and Tuesday evenings to get everything up and running and on that Wednesday Tweet in the Park went live to a pretty good reception.

If the folks over at T in the Park don’t have a problem with it, then neither do I.

A few people had asked why I had decided to launch this app a full five months before the festival started but my reason was pretty simple. The final batch of T in the Park tickets went on sale on Friday the 26th of February and I wanted to be able to see if the app could handle the amount of tweets that would be coming through and also to see if there was a need for such an app.

The answer to both was a resounding yes with the app handling over 200 tweets a minute at it’s busiest point and with over half of the people tagging their tweet with the hashtag "#titp".

So, what is Tweet in the park?

Well if you haven’t been able to guess it’s an app combining two of my favourite things; the UKs best music festival, T in the Park and the social networking site Twitter.

If you’re a Twitter user then you will have no doubt used it’s excellent real time search feature. Infact the search functionality is so impressive that the likes of Google and other search engines have moved to incorporate it into their search result pages. Creating apps that utilises the Twitter API have started popping up all over the place since Twitter published it’s own documentation on their libraries page.

Tweet in the park utilises the API to pull out all instances of "#titp" or "T in the Park" that are mentioned on Twitter displaying them on a timeline within Tweet in the Park for end users to view.

Why did I create Tweet in the park?

I’m quite a regular to T in the park however three years ago I was unable to attend and no matter how many text messages and phone calls I received from friends just didn’t make up for that fact that I wasn’t there. However, this probably had something to do with the fact that the majority of these calls were fueled by alcohol and totally indecipherable not to mention the fact that they were few and far between.

Unfortunately it is looking likely that I won’t be able to attend this years festival, even though I have already purchased my early bird tickets. So instead of having to go through the same torment of three years ago I decided to build an app that would let me see what everyone was tweeting about and chances are that quite a fair few people out of the 85,000 people that attend T in the Park will be Twitter users, so I’m thinking that updates should be fairly regular.

Give it a go and see what T in the park related things people are tweeting about.