Newspaper layout with CSS3

Last summer I was travelling back from my holiday when I picked up a newspaper and started to wonder if it was possible to create similar layouts to what we have become accustomed to in print with some of the newer CSS properties. I set to work on the examples quite quickly but then forgot all about them, leaving them untouched in my dropbox folder for months.

Since my initial idea several different examples have been put online and whilst my examples might not offer anything different from those previously mentioned I thought I may aswell put them live incase anyone stumbled across them.

Within the examples page I have shown that it is possible to create different column variations. I’ve also used the :first-letter selector to create a newspaper style dropcap and I’ve tried to experiment with the column-span property. I’ll also be updating these examples as I learn newer methods.

From my experimenting I have noticed a few flaws which should hopefully be sorted out soon, if you’re interested in finding out what works and what doesn’t then head on over to my CSS3 newspaper example page.

If you fancy reading more into the multi-column spec you can read about it here and if you have any queries or would like me to attempt something then just leave a suggestion in the comments section.