Good, Fast, Cheap.

A few months ago I attended a Long Lunch talk in Glasgow by Hans Wolbers, of Dutch design agency Lava. I throughly enjoyed it but haven’t been able to get one of his slides out my mind. Hans said that when he goes into a meeting with a new client, one of the first things he does is show them a slide which contains three interlinked circles.

Within each circle is a phrase but he tells the client that they can only ever choose two of the three circles/phrases as the remaining one is always unachievable, due to their selections. The three choices are; good, fast and cheap.

So if the client wants their project to be good and fast it certainly won’t be cheap or if they want their project to be fast and cheap it won’t be good. I think by now, you will have got the general idea of how this works.

I had certainly never heard of this before but after some research it would appear that it’s been around for quite some time and is actually part of something called the project triangle. Regardless of this, I thought I would share it just in case some of you hadn’t heard of it either.